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Artist and gallerist since 1995 born in Cali, Colombia. Virginia Hernández, started to promote artists in Cali, Colombia in 1995 with her first Art Gallery "Luna Rosa" Arriving to France in 2002 she continues her Art studies in Paris; in 2004 the French Riviera became her inspiration in the Medieval Village : Gorbio where she had her atelier. She started her own exhibitions in Monaco, Portland/ Maine, Belgium, Spain, Paris and the French Riviera. In 2008 "Luna Rosa" begins to promote Latin American artists in Europe with her nonprofit Association "COLOMBIArtistica" a slogan : Art without borders!. In 2012 new artistic projects brings her to Belgium where she opened the in Liège with more international exhibitions inviting artists from the world to participate.

In 2018 opening in Brussels of her own art atelier and her new Art Gallery space.


 – Individual Exhibition, Portland MAINE/2009

“Virginia Hernández is bringing to you, the tropic and its light trhough her work. Using art to reveal the beauties of her beloved Colombia, Virginia employs spatula to create geometric symbols describing a perpetual movement and symbolizing the cycles of the human transformation. Her canvases depict daily situations, emotions, and memories. Her colors embody her strenght and oscillate between figurative and abstract styles to foment constant passion.»

       Valérie GUILLET, Portland Maine 2009


Collective Exhibition COLOR IMMERSION / 2009:

Since leaving her place of birth, Colombian painter Virginia Hernandez's love for her country has only grown, amplified by her training and experiences in France. Now living and working on the Côte d'Azur, Hernandez has found qualities of light and color that recall the vibrant landscapes of her youth. In paintings that oscillate between abstraction and pointillism, she crafts scenes, still lives and landscapes by applying oils with spatulas. The resulting squares of paint provide the basic building blocks of her practice, sometimes representing figures, elsewhere creating a mosaic background for more rounded shapes to play across.

Working with this basic square shape, Hernandez favors bold, warm and spectacular colors. By restricting her palette to only a few dramatic tones in each work, she creates incredibly dynamic and striking compositions that thrive on fluid patterns of energy. Neon greens, shimmering pinks, deep blues and strong oranges function alternately as abstract subjects and animated backdrops that make even her most poised still lives infectiously kinetic.